Subject VX3D ver.2.5 build 20141007.official
Name Admin

VX3D ver.2.5 build 20141007.official

VX3D is now available in version 2.5.build.20141007.official with your VX3D account. We recommend you to update your VX3D to the latest version. This update is free of charge for users with VX3D 2nd Edition.
The update provides major functions, minor/major bugfixes, and an improved functionality. Please find the following details.

- Major Functions(New)

1. CPU-based Volume Rendering.

2. Display of the real (actual) size object on the screen.

3. Automatic setting option for CPU/GPU-based Volume Rendering.

4. One Project Viewer supporting general massive storage such as flash memory.

5. Improved import of volume files in terms of loading time.

- Improvements

1. Separating the Reset into All and MPR.

2. Rotating the Panorama Curve horizontally.

3. Resizing the font size of 3D Measurement Tools.

4. Expanding the Toolbar for Panel Buttons.

- Reproducible Bugfixes

1. Occasional crashes during CPU-based Volume Rendering.

2. Incorrect orientation of some Dicom datasets.

3. False check of GPU performance in some PCs equipped with Intel HD 3000.