Subject VX3D ver.2.6 build 20141212.official
Name Admin

VX3D ver.2.6 build 20141212.official

VX3D is now available in version 2.6.build.20141212.official with your VX3D account. We recommend you to update your VX3D to the latest version. This update is free of charge for users with VX3D 2nd Edition.
The update provides major functions, minor/major bugfixes, and an improved functionality. Please find the following details.

- Major Functions(New)

1. Segmentation Tools in Zoom Cube Window.

2. Multiple Volumes Loading and Registration.

3. Rearrangement of tool panels

4. Simple touch functions (configuration setting) and basic touch interfaces.

5. File&folder drag and drop to import the dataset.
6. Chinese Language Pack (Simplified Chinese)

- Improvements

1. MPR Panels : Direction representation of MPR lines and Flip toggle display on Flip buttons.

2. Slice interval setting of Sectional slices of Panorama view by user input number (with well-legibility numbers).
3. Slice interval setting of Multiple Slices View
4. Optimized rendering speed of path animation play
5. [Dental] Implant information label on MPR panel and object management panel.

- Reproducible Bugfixes

1. Occasional problems when changing OTF color widget and color mode.
2. Focusing problems when manipulating the panel control widgets.

3. Focusing problems when handling the Working history items.

4. Redundant calling of volume rendering.