Subject HADI Products Ver. 2.5.1090
Name Admin

HADI Products ver.2.5.1090 has been released!

We are happy to annouce the release of HADI Products ver.2.5.1090!

HADI - Inspection / HADI - Insepction Pro / HADI - BGA / HADI - iBoard / HADI - iBoard Pro)

Our new version provides Fuction Update and Bug fixes. The details of the new version are as follows:

- Function Update
1. Added Void Mask Support for iBoard BGA tool
2. Updated Language Pack
3. Updated Text Measurement tool, Support Multi-bytes languages
4. Seperated last open folder for "Load Image" and "Capture Image"
5. Updated Defects Dock pane

- Bug Fixes
1. Fixed recent file list bug
2. Fixed Multi-layout bug
3. Fixed various other bugs