InspecDOM™ is a MOI (Manual Optical Inspection) equipment for inspecting injected plastic assemblies or parts for the automobile and general plastic industry.
InspecDOM is a user-friendly interface. It is suitable for inspecting small quantity batch production. This equipment allows users to enroll new component models and change inspection settings - such as areas, conditions, etc. There are limitations, however, and it may not work in some cases. The components are to load/unload manually.
InspecDOM can examine wrongly attached or missing parts of an injected plastic product or parts for automobiles. Inspection of a product or parts of different kind is also available. Both sides of the component can be examined using InspecDOM. The machine allows users to register and inspect bar-codes as well. It integrates the inspection results and calculates statistical data. InspecDOM will later support uploading of test results to a remote server. (Now developing)