HADI Series is an enterprise solution for 2D X-Ray image processing in industrial field.
HADI is 3DII's 2D X-ray imaging software for measurement and defect analysis. HADI offers various measurement tools, image segmentations, and image filters to meet the purpose of your analysis. HADI is able to perform the template-based void analysis of any polygon objects as well as BGA solder balls. HADI has unique functions for BGA inspection, such as BGA isolated and overlapping solder ball detection.
HADI provides reliable and consistent detection of voids even if they are present in a variable background with weak contrast images. HADI also has a solution to prevent against overkill problems due to leakage on the edges of ROI.
HADI is compatible with any type of existing X-ray machine. Customers can experience the most advanced defect inspection system by simply replacing their inspection SW with HADI.