HADI ver.2.5

Update History


-New Functions and Improvements

1. Improved loading speed, added template loading progress bar

-List of bugs that are fixed

1. Fixed bugs for Circle-to-Circle tool, length and calibration.

2. Fixed bugs for 3D plotting, sometimes cannot loading data.


-New Functions and Improvements

1. Updated Perpendicular Tool.

 - add industrial curvature calculation method (distance/length)

 - tool is not movable, only hover points are movable

2. Updated selection behavior text labels.


-New Functions and Improvements

1. Add Void Mask support for iBoard BGA tool

2. Update Language Pack

3. Update Text Measurement tool, Support Multibyte languages

4. Separate last open folder for "Load Image" and "Capture Image"

5. Update Defects Dock panel

-List of Bugs that are fixed

1. Fixed Recent file list bug

2. Fixed Multi-layout bug

3. Fixed various other bugs


-New Functions and Improvements

1. added alignment tool

2. Template Locking improvement logic improved

3. Update user privilege logic

4. iBoard BGA tool short inspection performance

5. improved simulation tool speed.

6. Language events update

-List of bugs that are fixed

1. PDF Report format bug fixes

2. Memory leak problem in Multi-View

3. Unicode path problem

4. Recent files bug fixes


-New Functions and Improvements

1. Support Windows XP

2. Support 3D Plotting

- create a Rectangle, and double click it.

- or Click "Plot 3D Surface" button on "IMAGE" panel.

- or Click "Plot 3D Surface" button on "MEASURE" panel, plot 3D surface on selected closed MT.

3. Support advanced line measurement.

-> create a Line tool, it will automatically calculate segments information.

4. Press Alt Key to make transparent of pixel preview window.

5. Support Korean Language

-List of bugs that are fixed

1. Fixed multi-view displaying issue.

2. Other bug fixes.