Subject VX3D Ver.2.7.4 Official
Name Admin
VX3D Ver.2.7.4 Official

VX3D is now available in version 2.7.4.Official on your VX3D account. We recommend you to update your VX3D to the latest version.

The update provides major functions, minor/major bugfixes, and an improved functionality. The details of the new version are as follows:

- Major Function (Ver.2.7)

1. Pore Detection

  • Change the way of detecting pore
  • Reducing memory for detecting pore
  • Use only CPU for detecitng pore. Without graphic card, pore detection is possible.

2. Main layout change : common function buttons move to application bar.
3. Drawing tool on each View Container.
4. Float-type volume importing with a value calibration tool.
5. 3D ruler grid on 3D rendering panel.
6. Filter preset registeration supposed to be an option on the File Preview Window.
7. Naming option for the file export.
8. Camera preset registeration for MPR and 3D rendering panel.
9. File preview

  • Improved User Interface
  • By analyzing series in Dicom file, different volumes in the same directory can be seperated.

10. Configuration : Improved User Interface

- Reproducible Bugfixes (Ver. 2.7.4)

1. Shutdown problem when using video function.
2. Button problem for function toolbar when using video function.
3. Problem overlaying pores
4. Miscalculation of pore midpoint
5. Problem that the position of cross-sectional slices is not displayed.